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Bench score comparison for 8086K vs 8700K in Customac system

Do you know there is the 40th-anniversary version of Intel 8086 series?

This CPU is an exactly the same structure of i7-8700K but the better and the stable.

Today I am going to compare both CPUs on the same system in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Final release!

I used Cinebench and Geekbench for my delidded i7-8700K and a brand new i7-8086K.

For the fair result, I set both Overclocking for both CPUs to 5.0ghz.




It might be ok on a higher frequency like 5.2Ghz (someone did 5.35ghz on delidded 8086K) but I do not want it right now.

I already delidded my 8700K and it gave me more room for OC by lower temp, however delidding would cause risk always.



[Geekbench] The Result





[Cinebench] The Result




Price: 8700K Win USD$359 – around $36 dollar difference (USD) // 8086K USD$395 

Performance: 8086K and 8700K were both very similar

OC stability: 8086K Win because 8086K was not delidded and Max Temp’s both were similar.



Overall, I would like to recommend 8086K rather than 8700K. Since I bought the delid tools and voided my 8700k’s warranty, it definitely the better choice with 8086K even though I paid $40 more.

Apple also released a new MacBook Pro with i7-8086K and 8700K processors. And in the Customac system, those both CPUs are using the exactly the same EFI.


I might do another test for delidded 8086K sometime later.



Last modified: September 15, 2018

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