Started my blog in 2018!

I have been using the Hackintosh since 2010, but the more I know the world, the more it seems to be elaborate.

I have been studying Hackintosh for a long time, but I still can not make it perfect.

However, based on my own secrets, I opened a blog to help those who are going to Hackin.


I do not really have the talent to write, but because it is information sharing, even a slight level of writing skills will be helpful enough to justify myself. :))

Originally, I wanted to create and share a blog in English, but first, I am thinking about writing a Korean blog and slowly writing it.

I think writing blogs to me is like mediocrity in busy everyday life.

If you are not really happy, let’s go ahead and take time (kids, work, busy 30s) to do something.

This blog probably has a lot of articles related to the Hackintosh, but I would like to leave a review about other gadget reviews and my own hobbies.

I believe the beginning is half. I do not want to be a dragon’s head and a snake’s tail. I want to write my pleasure at the level not to be burdened.

Last modified: March 30, 2018

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